Java and openVZ 2.6.32 - Futex issue

Java seemed completely broken on openVZ 2.6.32 but we found a workaround
Added by Anthony Callegaro over 6 years ago

As some of you already know, we have developed our own High Availability Architecture called HAVEN which is based on openVZ.

As part of our hosting needs and of course for our own development like Bid Right, we have a few containers running Java software.

Since last month we are upgrading all our servers to brand new racier machine. The migration with HAVEN is completely painless but being SysAdmins we knew that even the slightest change of configuration can have weird repercussions.

Here is a new article about a known issue in openVZ 2.6.32 with Java program; how we debug it and manage to work around it, in the hope that it will prevent more people from spending time on it.

The Personalized Software Ltd team.