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Java and openVZ 2.6.32 - Futex issue
Java seemed completely broken on openVZ 2.6.32 but we found a workaround
Added by Anthony Callegaro over 5 years ago

QuickFix for OVH/SuperMicro's iKVM
This post contains a quickfix for SuperMicro's iKVM
Added by Anthony Callegaro almost 6 years ago

Opensource replacement for WebEx-like solution
This article is about the different existing open source solutions for web conferencing.
Added by Anthony Callegaro about 6 years ago

Adwords Editor for Linux
This is a simple how to to use our PlayOnLinux script that install Adwords Editor's Windows version on Linux
Added by Anthony Callegaro over 6 years ago

How to migrate from Evolution to Thunderbird/Icedove
Step by step procedure with some script magic to recover messages status.
Added by Anthony Callegaro over 6 years ago

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