Adwords Editor for Linux

Even if Google doesn't distribute a Linux version of their software it is usually very easy to get the Windows version to run in Wine because they use Wine friendly and well supported libraries to develop. WINE stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. It is a complete rewrite of all Windows system libraries from scratch. Wine is usually the best and fastest option to run a Windows application on Linux (and also on Mac when no Mac equivalent exist).

But because it often requires some minor tweaking, mainly to install missing Windows libraries, people find it hard to use. So to try to replicate the ease of install of a linux package manager, people started developing application to script Windows software installs in Wine. Currently the best `free` option is PlayOnLinux which as it name states is more orientated towards game installation but can as easily install other application.

Because `Bid Right`: has the ability to export data to Adwords Editor, and some of our customers are running Linux (like most of us here), we had to find a solution to deploy it easily. Here is how to install Adwords Editor 9.0.1 (latest version on 24/06/2011) on a Linux desktop.

1. Install PlayOnLinux

Most Linux distribution provides a version of PlayOnLinux in their repositories so just use your favourite package manager (Debian's Synaptic, Ubuntu's Software Center, Fedora's PackageKit, etc) to find and install it.

2. Installing Adwords Editor from PlayOnLinux repositories

The version of the script in PlayOnLinux repositories might be lagging a little bit behind the version we develop here (the time for the nice admins to test and validate them) but it remains the easiest way to install Adwords Editor. For example currently the last script we `sent upstream`: was for Adwords Editor 8.0.1 and we just `sent a request`: to get it updated to 9.0.1.

So to install the latest version available in the repositories :
  • Start PlayOnLinux
  • Click on Install
  • Then go to the Office Category -> Adwords Editor -> Apply
  • After clicking forward the installation will start. All you have to do is to accept the license for Visual C++ 2005 runtime libraries (this cannot be skipped for legal reasons)
  • The script will download all libraries you require (even the Adwords Editor install)
  • Click forward a couple more times and that's it, you are ready to start Adwords Editor.
  • If the version in PlayOnLinux is outdated it will propose you straight away to upgrade to the latest version

3. Installing Adwords Editor from our script

If you want the latest version of Adwords Editor you can use our script that we keep up to date. Download the script : export:/AdwordsEditor.pol

  • Once in PlayOnLinux Go to Tools -> Run a local script
  • Click Forward and Navigate to the file you downloaded
  • After clicking forward the install will start like above.

3. Enjoy Adwords Editor on Linux

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