QuickFix for OVH/SuperMicro's iKVM

When you order OVH's Professional Use with your dedicated server you will get access to SuperMicro's iKVM.

iKVM is a Java IPMI Console that gives you access to your server screen and keyboard like you were physically in front of it. This is very useful when doing advanced configuration and fiddling with kernel where you are likely to loose access to your server.

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the current implementation that prevent the Java application from running. I am running a Debian Sid 64bit with openjdk 1.6.0_24 which raise error :

no iKVM64 in java.library.path

Just having a look at the kvm.jnlp shows that things are obviously wrong so I made a quick patch to solve this issue : source:patches/ikvm.patch
In short SuperMicro are using the jnlp.packEnabled and jnlp.versionEnabled properties on the iKVM.jar resources but not on the follow up library resources (liblinux_x86_64.jar or liblinux_x86). So when Java Webstart gets a 404 in reply to the uncompressed version it does not try to fetch the packed one.

The patch works on both linux x86 and amd64/x86_64 but a similar method should work on other platforms if you encounter the same issue.

Hope this help !