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Reported issues: 464


22:54 Open-Source Revision 392: Publish the plugin to comply with the GPL


18:14 Open-Source Java and openVZ 2.6.32 - Futex issue
As some of you already know, we have developed our own "High Availability Architecture called HAVEN":http://www.perso...


13:41 Open-Source QuickFix for OVH/SuperMicro's iKVM
Hello there,
I know we are long overdue for some news on the Personalized Software website, I have several How-Tos i...
13:21 Open-Source Revision 314: iKVM bugfix for linux only (other platforms are untested but same method should work)


18:12 Open-Source Opensource replacement for WebEx-like solution
For the needs of our "Bid Right": project we wanted to have an easy to use tool to make prese...


20:54 Open-Source Adwords Editor for Linux
This is a simple [[Adwords_Editor_for_Linux|procedure]] to use our PlayOnLinux script that install Adwords Editor's W...
18:47 Open-Source Revision 289: Reorganise the SVN layout for Adwords Editor 9.0.1 publication


14:22 Open-Source Revision 279: See #1333 : Install VM for public SVN/Trac - https://redmine.personalized-software....
* Finally create the public SVN folder for open-source released materials
* EVERYTHING that goes in that directory wi...


20:18 Open-Source How to migrate from Evolution to Thunderbird/Icedove
This [[Migration-Evolution-Thunderbird-Icedove|how-to]] is a step by step procedure to migrate all your data from Evo...


14:38 Open-Source How to set up SVN+SSH with path-based authorisation
This tutorial has been written hoping that people looking to setup a path-based authorisation mechanism with their SV...

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